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    This BHPA EP course is now only available pay by the day.

    A  BHPA elementary pilot course with Axis Paragliding. This includes the introductory day, and usually takes 3-5 days.

    If you would like to learn how to fly with us, we have a new system in place from Sept 2019:

    For most people, the most difficult part is trying to get all the stars aligned; the right weather, our Instructor and their free time. We have decided after 25 years of battling with UK weather conditions which have become more difficult due to climate change that any form of booking in advance of a day or two is a waste of all our time.
    The weather conditions we need to run safe and productive training sessions  are extremely specific. It's not just a question of a nice day! The wind direction has to be blowing directly onto the slope of a mountain that we can take off from, it musnt be too gusty or turbulent and many other factors that we check during extensive forecasting and planning.
    And so we will notify anyone who is on our system, a day or two in advance of a possibility for the level of training you require. Not all flyable days are suitable for all trainees, so we try to match that as best as we can. The notifications will come via our Telegram groups, so you must apply to join. It is free to be on there. If you see a day on telegram that sounds suitable, you then text (SMS only) us on 07970421373 and we will take people on a first come first served basis. We will then provisionally confirm we have space by text. The night before the day of flight at 7pm, you text again and we confirm details or cancel. If you are confirmed you are then committed and liable to pay for your day. We will send you an invoice to pay via pay pal, or you can bring cash on the day if you prefer. ( we confirm our instructors and have to pay them, so if you do not show up, you still have to pay for the day!)
    Pricing We charge £150 per day for all training. It takes on average 4 days to EP 4 days to CP and for paramotoring possibly a further 2 days for pilot rating. It includes all paragliding equipment. Paramotor days on the School motor are charged +£60 inc fuel/oil. 
    For hill students that exceed 8 days to CP, we charge a reduced rate of £75 per day.
    BHPA membership. You will be required to have BHPA membership whilst under training. You can have a one day intro to test the water for £17(cash only). A 3 month training membership for £89 (upgradeable) and an Annual membership for £148 ( including £22 joining fee) So please bring a card with you to pay and join on the day.
    Equipment We hope that you enjoy the sport so much that you will want to buy your equipment from us. Our advice is unbiased and excellent and normally we can help you not fall into the pitfalls many first time buyers make. If you want to buy during your course, we can get you set up and everything flying correctly. If you buy new gear from us, we will give probably the best deal available, so please ask! And we will fully support you for years to come. After the Intro day you can get a £50 credit per day, from your training fees, up to a maximum of 7 against the purchase of new kit. If you want to buy used gear, We will source the best equipment for you with our 30 years of experience. Please do not ask us to check out an e bay special, or to allow you to fly an untested (within man specs) glider in training school
    Location?  We will not normally be able to confirm the location of the flight until the final forecasting the night before. It depends on the weather, but will be somewhere in South to South West Wales. Obviously we would prefer it is not that far from our base in Abergavenny, but weather always dictates.
    Timings. Again this is something we often don't know, and can't be precise about as it is totally weather dependant. If we can give a clue on telegram as to where and when, we will try, but don't hold us to it! It is again controlled by the weather. It is quite often possible to fly late into the evening in the summer and these end of day flights can be magical.
    How long is the day?
    Normally they are a fairly full and long day, sometimes we get home very late when trying to get the most from the best conditions. If we think there will be a half day, we will charge half.
    Where do you meet?
    When you text the Instructor you will be given Instructions and directions where to meet. We do not stick to one meeting place as it depends which site we are using that day. It will often be at a supermarket car park, (a good place to get lunch, water, fuel etc) and is easy to find. Two popular ones are shown below, but do not assume that it will always be one of these.
    Waitrose - Merthyr Road Llanfoist Abergavenny NP7 9LL  (Near car park entrance)
    Asda -Dowlais Top Merthyr Tydfil CF48 2YF (Near recycle point Right side facing store)
    What do i need to wear/ bring.
    We don't really know how long you will be with us, so it best to be well prepared in case you have to hang around waiting on weather.
    Boots with ankle support*
    Gloves*    * required for your protection
    Sun cream
    Hay fever tabs? 
    Outdoor/Warm clothes/ layers (even in summer it can be very cold)
     Lunch (ask if needed)
     Big Smile
     Camera ( we normally do aerial photos)
    Telegram Groups. At the moment we have 2 groups for Telegram, training, where i broadcast weather and training days and chat, where you can ask questions to the group. You can personal message me on Telegram which saves the whole group hearing it, although sometimes the community can be helpful.
    To join the axis paragliding forecast group. https://t.me/joinchat/AtY-NEFaTb4-k-I37sy-3A
    Restrictions. You need to be reasonably fit and healthy to undertake training. You will
    need to complete our booking form before you fly . There is one here, so please read and complete carefully. Press “Submit” at the end if you want to send it electronically.

    If you are keen to learn more we highly recommend this "Learning to Paraglide DVD" or Touching Cloudbase Book

    The participant will be required to take out a membership of the BHPA and complete one of our PDF Booking forms (Form) or if for a present (Gift)

    Student Training Record

    This is the syllabus that all students will work through. click to view

    If you would like to read some more about the sport and some basic theory download this BHPA EP training guideBHPA training Guide 24 pages


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