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Steve's Paragliding Forecast

17th Feb 2018 19.30

Sunday now looks damp as a week Occ front passes, Monday is now looking less positive with the mountain Forecast giving cloud base at 300mtrs and on off drizzle. Tuesday now looks a nice day, but very windy, Weds could be ok for CP tandems in a fairly brisk easterly. update monday

PS if you are booked in on the Cal, you MUST check in by SMS/phone to the mobile. Thanks

Blue = Likely to fly     Violet= maybe - keep watching    Red = unlikely to fly

Tan = Tandem  D1 = First day/Intro, D2 = day 2 etc  EP= Elementary Pilot  CP= Club Pilot  PPG = Paramotoring

Sunday 18th Damp and raining most of the day  
Monday 19th Looks like low cloud (below hills) and rain so unlikely at the moment  
Tues 20th very windy Northerly  
Weds 21st Maybe possibilities in ENE at pandy for good Cps and tandems CP Tan

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Blorenge webcamBlorenge webcam, Ab ergavenny, from abergavenny.org.uk looking west towards Easterly Bowl. Sometimes you will see people flying (-:

 Mountain center webcam Brecon BeaconsBrecon Beacons Mountain centre Libanus webcam, Useful for knowing what's coming for Merthyr and Aber sites

Craig Y Nos webcamCraig Y nos webcam, in the west of the park, good for Moel fiety, Hoel senni, Fan G,

Black Mountains Gliding Club webcam. Near Hay Bluff