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Steve's Paragliding Forecast

16th October 2018 11.09

Our low pressure finally fills and brings a big 1033mb high pressure in off the Atlantic to help stabilise things a little in the South of the UK. Never plain sailing though, with trails of weak frontal activity left behind as the storms depart. Weds the winds start to drop, a little uncertainty about cloud levels and when they might clear, but hopefully the afternoon might bring some flying on Blaenavon for Eps CPs. Thursday may be a possibility of afternoon flying on Blaenavon for EP/CP . Friday also brings possibilities for some EP/CP training in a westerly. Saturday looks Southerly and should make a decent beginners days, Sunday possibly a bit breezy.


PS if you are booked in on the Cal, you MUST check-in by SMS to the mobile. Thanks

Blue = Likely to fly     Violet= maybe - keep watching    Red = unlikely

Tan = Tandem  D1 = First day/Intro, D2 = day 2 etc  EP= Elementary Pilot  CP= Club Pilot  PPG = Paramotoring

Date Conditions who for?
Weds 17th Possible good aftenoon EP CP work blaenavon EP/CP
Thurs 18th Possible good aftenoon EP CP work blaenavon EP/CP
Fri 19th Poss EP CP training /merthyr/Rhossili EP/CP
Sat 20th Light southerly should be a good beginners day D1 D2
Sun 21st Possibly a little breezy/damp/low cloud SW   







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Blorenge webcamBlorenge webcam, Abergavenny, from abergavenny.org.uk looking west towards Easterly Bowl. Sometimes you will see people flying (-: above is our weather station on the mountain for live data. please click for full weather history and stats.

 Mountain center webcam Brecon BeaconsBrecon Beacons Mountain centre Libanus webcam, Useful for knowing what's coming for Merthyr and Aber sites

Craig Y Nos webcamCraig Y nos webcam, in the west of the park, good for Moel fiety, Hoel senni, Fan G,

Black Mountains Gliding Club webcam. Near Hay Bluff