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    Tandem flights info

    No pre booking or payment possible. read instructions!

    Paragliding Tandem flight.  To all prospective Tandem Paragliding flyers

    Here at Axis Paragliding, There are some changes afoot from the 2019 season.

    There has been a lot mentioned about Climate Change recently, and we have witnessed its progress in our sport over the last 30 years. It has become evident that good, or suitable and safe Tandem Paragliding flying conditions have become fewer and farther between, as the atmosphere has become less stable.

    And so, we have decided that running any sort of booking system has become so frustrating for both you and us that we cannot continue.

    However, this does not mean that there are still not great opportunities out there to Tandem Paraglide with us. We have some of the best and most experienced Tandem pilots in the world available to us, although, only at certain times. This means that lining up you, the pilot and the perfect weather for a good flight have become very challenging.

    And so, we will no longer take any bookings or take money in advance on the basis that we “might be able to fly you, and I would also suggest you don't give it to somewhere else, who will sell you a voucher (70% never achieve their flights).

    Our new system will work so that anyone who wants to, can join our Tandem paragliding group on the Telegram app. You can join for free, stay as long as you like or until you get the flight done, and pay for it on the day. So no risk to you financially! We will post messages as to when and maybe where we can fly. Those that respond, will be taken on a first come first served basis.The messages will only be there up to a maximum of 3 days before we can fly, and more accurately the day before, so please do not try to get a “likelihood” before as we cannot tell you.

    The link to Join the new Telegram group is https://t.me/axis_paragliding_tandem_flights

    You can use Telegram on any computer or phone.

    We ask that there is no contact with us by phone, all Q&As will be answered on the booking form which will be on telegram or via the app.

    If you need to buy someone a gift, we will have a Voucher that you can edit and copy and give them and you can just pay on the day they are confirmed by Paypal.

    Link to essential Information about flying with us!

    Link to voucher

    Please restore the Voucher TEXT to the way you found it for the next user

    I hope that this will be a better system all round and get the people who want to fly, up in the air for a magical experience!

    Kind Regards




    A soaring flight can last anything from 15 minutes to half and hour or more. The conditions are the deciding factor normally, and if we can keep you up there we will try.

    Sometimes if the wind is light and there are no thermals for lift, we can offer a descending flight. When we have these conditions we will operate from one of our highest sites,probably the "Blorenge" and have a 1500' top to bottom flight where you are normally airbourne for about 10mins. These flights have stunning views over the abergavenny valley, town and local mountains.

    All tandem flights are subject to our terms and conditions, each flyer will be required to fill out and return a booking form (pdf). It is advisable before booking to read the instructions and the booking form T&Cs

    The participant will be required to take out a membership of the BHPA (included in the price) and complete one of our PDF Booking forms (Form) or if for a present (Gift)

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