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    Tandem flights info

    No pre booking or payment possible. read instructions!

    Paragliding Tandem flight.  please read the up to date instructions in this link  Link to Instructions, gift voucher and links to join our comms groups and the booking form

    If you would like to fly with us on a Tandem paraglider with one of our qualified Instructors there are some things you will need to understand about how we make this work.

    For most people, the most difficult part is trying to get all the stars aligned; the right weather, our Instructors and your free time. We have decided after 28 years of battling with UK weather conditions which have become more unpredictable due to climate change, that any form of booking in advance of a day or two is a waste of all our time. This means you cannot make advance bookings!

    The weather conditions we need to fly a good and safe Tandem Paragliding flight are extremely specific. It's not just a question of a nice day! The wind direction has to be blowing directly onto the slope of a mountain that we can take off from, ( which will decide the location). It must not be too windy, gusty or turbulent and many other factors that we check during extensive forecasting and planning.

    And so we will notify anyone who is on our telegram system, a day or two in advance of a possibility. If you are free that day, text us and we will take people on a first come first served basis. We will then provisionally confirm we have space by text. Once confirmed you are then committed to paying. If you don't show up, you will still be liable to pay.

    Why use us?  Apart from being one of the longest standing and most experienced BHPA qualified tandem schools in the country, with the most experienced Instructors.  We have access to some of the most scenic and beautiful sites in and around South East Wales . Our safety record is unrivalled! 

    Fair System!  We have stopped selling advance vouchers for flights as most people don't realise how difficult it can be to get one completed before the voucher expires!  Our system now is financially risk free and you will not pay for a flight until you have  a confirmed SMS booking. If the flight does not go ahead due to last minute weather issues we will refund you. (As far as we know this is unique, no other companies will offer this.

    To join us on the groups.

    Our new system will work so that anyone who wants to, can join our Tandem groups on the Telegram app. You can join for free, stay as long as you like or until you get the flight done, and pay for it the day before you fly. So no risk to you financially! We will post messages on the “Tandem Flight” telegram group as to approximately when and possibly where we can fly, although these things are decided by the weather forecast. Those that respond, will be taken on a first come first served basis.The messages will only be there up to a maximum of 3 days before we can fly, and more accurately the day before, so please do not try to get a “likelihood” before because we cannot tell you. (If there is nothing in the group, that is because we cannot fly. We constantly monitor forecasts looking for flyable slots and post only when it is possible.)

    A soaring flight can last anything from 15 minutes to half and hour or more. The conditions are the deciding factor normally, and if we can keep you up there we will try.

    Sometimes if the wind is light and there are no thermals for lift, we can offer a descending flight. When we have these conditions we will operate from one of our highest sites,probably the "Blorenge" and have a 1500' top to bottom flight where you are normally airbourne for about 10mins. These flights have stunning views over the abergavenny valley, town and local mountains.



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