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Paragliding Tandem Flights

Axis Paragliding Tandem or Dual flights make a fantastic gift of present. We have an enviable safety record, however paragliding is a high risk adventure sport, and passengers must realise we are playing with nature. it is not always a predictable ride!
We have taken 1000s of people into the air for an amazing experience, and are an approved provider for companies like the BBC, CH5, and many more.
It is  possible to arrange Paragliding tandem flights for passengers with disabilities, and sponsorship is available through the BHPA "flyability" Scheme for qualifying individuals. there are no age limits, and we are happy to take children from the age of 6 with parents present.

Important Notice  as of 29th April 2018
We have decided after 21 years of training in South Wales to accept no more students or tandem flights.   This does not apply to courses Abroad or bookings from students already registered with us and we will continue with post CP and advanced training.