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Meet the "Team"

Our Chief Flying Instructor

Axis Chief Flying Instructor

Steve Millson is "da boss" @axis. Flying Paragliders for 28 years and involved in the Business for 25 yrs he set up Axis in 97. Steve is a BHPA Senior Instructor and Tandem Pilot. He also holds the BHPA reserve packer qualification and more importantly has a "Blue Peter" badge.

Steve is full time in the office, running the web shop, and sweeping the floor. He is SEWHGPGC Club Chief Coach and safety officer. He has had a previous career in Feature Film and TV production. He has also worked a few seasons in the Alps from chalet boy to Ski Guide.

Adrian Roberts Instructor

Ade Roberts Senior Instructor

Ade lives in Abergavenny and we are pleased to have him join the team. He has been flying 24 years and has had a long career teaching Paragliding all over the world. He spent the last 10 yrs as a full time instructor in our locality. Ade is a Tandem Pilot and licensed reserve packer.

Chris White Instructor

Chris White, is one of the UKs Top Instructors and SIV Guide.

Chris works abroad for most of the year guiding and training SIV with Jocky Sanderson, the most respected instructor in the UK . When Chris is not away sunning himself, he will come and train or fly tandem for us. Chris is a BHPA senior Instructor and Licensed reserve packer. Chris is also involved with flights for disabled flyers through the charity "Flyability"

Steve Anderson Instructor

 Steve (Grumpy) Anderson

Steve has been Flying longer than all of us at 27 years this year. He has retired from the stress of teaching students, and now is the mainstay of our Tandem team.  Steve worked for Paraglide International, Axis, and JSHPC as Instructor. Steve's nick name is not really his demeanor, he is a lovely friendly guy who always gets great feedback from his passengers. He also has a Blue Peter badge

Steve Bacchioni

Steve Bachionni Ti

Steve is orginally from S Africa, Hence his nickname "Springbok" or S.A, It helps with 3 of us called Steve. He has been working as a Ti with Axis for 6 years and hopefully will be a fully qualified Instructor soon. Steve is also an active Club Coach, and you will usually see him on a hill somewhere helping out new pilots.

Martin Cray

Martin Cray  Air Experience Instructor

Martin Is a Keen falconer, Experienced Pilot of 20 years, and a BAFTA award winning TV and Film cameraman. He is also an AEI dual rated pilot. Martin also has a "Blue Peter" Badge

Martin was the cameraman on the excellent "Security in Flight 2" with Jocky and Chris, available on dvd from Axis Paragliding store

 Roger James

Roger James Falconer

Roger and June have worked with us over the years to provide and train birds of prey to fly with us "parahawking"  Their Birds have appeared on many TV programs, and also fly with our Parahawking experiences.

They run Black Mountain Falconry from Abergavenny and are able to provide falconry day and shows.