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Morocco Coast Agadir CP and CP+ 4th - 11th March 17
[Morocco CP and Pilot Course]


After trying to get my EP/CP done in Wales for a whole summer and only
getting two flyable days I concluded that it was a good idea to go abroad
somewhere with more stable weather. Morocco seemed like a good option due to
the reliable conditions and I liked the thought of being somewhere a bit
different. The whole trip was very well organised with Steve waiting for us
at the airport when we arrived to take us back to the hotel.

I was a bit nervous about the food situation at the hotel as I am a bit of a
fussy eater and there was no choice on what food you get however the food
was incredible - traditional Moroccan lamb tagines was my favourite and
every meal was different, interesting and plentiful! The staff in the hotel
were all great and made us all feel welcome.

The weather was perfect - we were flying everyday and we completed the
remaining half of our EP and whole CP with ease. The flying site we used
most - Nigel's place was big and made for some nice easy flights and
provided a great introduction to both ridge soaring and thermaling.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone eager to complete there EP/CP in
a short time. It may seem expensive initially but its actually extremely
good value when you consider the amount you learn and the fact that it is a
holiday too! The only money I spent out there was on beer in the evenings!

Big thanks to Steve and everyone that helped make the trip so enjoyable!

Date Added: 12/13/2015 by Ollie Darwin