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Bookings Calendar

Welcome to axis paragliding and paramotoring calendar page. This page is so that you can see
when we are available and when we are not. You can also see and search when we have you booked in. This calendar is read only. You cannot book yourself in!
You will need to have completed the booking procedure and returned your paper (pdf) booking
form before you will be entered here. To make a booking simply either SMS (best) email or call
us and we will confirm your place. You are free to book in on any of the open days, or days with
other students up to a maximum of 8(blue), and 3 tandems(yellow). We will then arrange the appropriate
instructors. This Calender is a Google app and the details are public. you can load this onto
any calendars you use on an iPhone or smartphone by using this code p7pirn8v2gklnmob779fh1559c@group.calendar.google.com

If you cannot see this calendar your browser settings may be blocking it!  Codes Tan, TPH and TDVD = tandems. D1 D2 EP CP= student training. numbers following (3) booking order.