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    Axis training is a small specialized Paragliding school, based in Abergavenny, South East Wales, also running residential Paragliding courses in France and Morocco. Axis will teach you to fly a paraglider or paramotor in the shortest time, and to the highest standards. How do we do this? 

    In South Wales, we have some of the best Paragliding sites in the UK. Often chosen for national competitions, some of our smaller, smooth sites are envied by instructors worldwide. We optimise Paragliding time and choosing when the best time to fly is with our own weather forecasting facility, which can be used by our students to spot the good flying opportunities. Combination Paragliding Courses, which combine some super locations abroad where we can find predictable weather at the best times to train there, and Learning in Wales to familiarise our students with local flying conditions and sites.

    learning at the Dune de Pyla

    Axis training offer Tandem paragliding flights. We also offer very competitive package deals on training and new or second-hand paragliding equipment from all major brands. see the web shop. We have some of the most experienced and dedicated paragliding instructors available throughout the year.

    Axis is a flying Club, and is also affiliated to the South East Wales, and South West Wales Hang and Paragliding Clubs. We have taught thousands of students over the last 23 years and have an excellent reputation amongst the free flying and paramotoring community. We are a B.H.P.A accredited school which is the national association, which means you get genuine qualifications, recognised worldwide.

    We are proud to be able to put back the skills we have learned into this fantastic sport, and see the rewards on the faces of our students as they take to the air.

    Learning to fly a paraglider or paramotor is such an important part of your future development as a pilot, that the best quality tuition is essential. The better prepared you are, the more confident you will be to meet the complexities of flying an aircraft. It is important to do your research, find a local school, that has a good reputation. Check it out with the local club members, and talk to us, if you have any queries. Our Mission is to turn out confident, competent, safe pilots. who are having the most fun, after all, that's why we do it!

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    We have featured, and are approved suppliers to many TV production companies, and have worked with the BBC "One show", CBBC "Live and Deadly", Ch5 the "Gadget Show" and BBC "Blue Peter" for which we have our Blue Peter badges - Click one of the shows above to watch on YouTube.